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Collins W. Munyendo

PhD Student

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Besides my Ph.D at GW, I am a Security Consultant at Silensec where I leverage a wide array of tools including OSSIM and ELK to monitor and secure digital resources of the organization as well as its clients’. I am also actively involved in developing security training material on Cyberranges.

Prior to Silensec, I was a Software Engineer at TeleTracking Technologies where I worked in a team to research and improve patient flow in Rwanda’s healthcare system.

I have also worked as a Network Engineer at Kenya Web Limited where I set up and configured networks for customers. I also provided technical support to the customers.

Outside of professional work, I am very involved in initiatives that introduce technology to underrepresented communities. I am a mentor and trainer to Django Girls Kigali where we introduce programming to young girls in Rwanda. I am also an ambassador and leader at Nipe Sauti Africa where we support and mentor vulnerable groups in Kenya.